A Rose Grew From the Concrete (Survey Results 11)

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Take a few moments and read the responses to our survey. We will be sharing each persons response separately so that everyone is able to digest the information. What you will see is that we are more similar in thought than you may have realized! Thank you in advance for reading, sharing and being a part of the conversation.

Please describe your race/ethnicity.


What is your age?
  • 45 to 54
Income Class
  • Middle Class
What does your ideal America look like?

A powerful country where education is free to all people. I would like to see race not be such a factor. We must get back to fearing the Lord. He has protected this land because even though there have been people who have done wicked things, there was a healthy fear of crossing God. Now it is the age of the Sprite “obey your thirst”. If our leaders would truly yield to God, we would see a drastic change in the atmosphere. I would like for the media to have less rights and to withhold their urges to paint a picture that increases tension. I would like to see the middle class remain relevant.

What do you feel is holding us back from reaching your ideal America?

It will start with turning our faces back towards God no matter what agenda it hurts. It will be difficult, but it will be worth it.

Is equality a core value in your life?
  • Yes
If yes to the question above, what action steps do you take or have you taken to ensure equality in the U.S. and why?

I have taken steps only in my own household. I educate my children. I make sure they give themselves a chance through academics to be treated equally because they are prepared to be on top.

What barriers exist in your life to increasing your involvement?

No barriers exist.

What role do you think the government should play in race relations?

They have to play a major roll. they govern our land

When you hear black lives matter, what does that mean to you?

It means just what it says. It also reminds me that people have been killed and hurt. It is a movement that was established through the pain of lost, hurt, and disrespected black lives

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A Rose Grew From The Concrete Survey

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order.

– Alfred North Whitehead

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