A Rose Grew From The Concrete (Survey Results 10)

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Take a few moments and read the responses to our survey. We will be sharing each persons response separately so that everyone is able to digest the information. What you will see is that we are more similar in thought than you may have realized! Thank you in advance for reading, sharing and being a part of the conversation.

Please describe your race/ethnicity.


What is your age?
  • 25 to 34
Income Class
  • Low Middle Class
What does your ideal America look like?

Opportunities not being defined based upon race, gender, sexuality. People supporting one and other outside of their own comfort zone. Most importantly Jesus & Faith being more of a focus in all parts of life

What do you feel is holding us back from reaching your ideal America?

Broken systems that have been in place for years. Fear of the unknown. Fear of losing power

Is equality a core value in your life?
  • Yes
If yes to the question above, what action steps do you take or have you taken to ensure equality in the U.S. and why?

Participating and facilitating in the Undivided racial reconciliation program, working with the Justice team to support our community with any injustice issues at hand, I stood along my brothers and sisters during the Tensing trial and prayer at the court house, having intentional conversations around race with people of other races.

What barriers exist in your life to increasing your involvement?

Time can be challenging with work schedule

What role do you think the government should play in race relations?

A big part

When you hear black lives matter, what does that mean to you?

BLACK LIVES MATTER just as much as any other lives. BLACK LIVES deserve to be valued and cherished as much as white lives or loves of any race

If you are interested in continuing this conversation please comment as well as click the link below to fill out the survey and share you own personal responses.

A Rose Grew From The Concrete Survey

All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions.

– George Bernard Shaw

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