A Rose Grew From The Concrete (Survey Results 6)

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Take a few moments and read the responses to our survey. We will be sharing each persons response separately so that everyone is able to digest the information. What you will see is that we are more similar in thought than you may have realized! Thank you in advance for reading, sharing and being a part of the conversation.
Please describe your race/ethnicity.

White/not Hispanic

What is your age?
  • 35 to 44
Income Class
  • Upper Middle Class
What does your ideal America look like?

My ideal America is a welcoming society that openly supports and welcomes diversity–whether that be racial, religious, cultural or sexual orientation. My ideal America ensures African Americans are not disproportionately incarcerated. My ideal America disavows racism. My ideal America confronts social issues forthright and aligns with the need to people over process or policy or financial gain. My ideal America offers healthcare to all because poverty is a class issue and so involves racial bias…minorities and people of color are less healthy physically. These are some characteristics of my ideal America.

What do you feel is holding us back from reaching your ideal America?

Several things: 1) racism and classism and separation are orchestrated by design within our society and the protection of white privilege by denial creates a barrier to moving forward.

Is equality a core value in your life?
  • Yes
If yes to the question above, what action steps do you take or have you taken to ensure equality in the U.S. and why?

I joined NAACP and contribute to ACLU and recently started organizing peace rallies in my community. Peace must be aggressively pursued and my next step is to get involved politically to support candidates who are Progressive and hold equality and health and infrastructure topics as platform items.

What barriers exist in your life to increasing your involvement?

I am boundless thus barriers are not even a consideration

What role do you think the government should play in race relations?

Eliminating Gerry-mandering and laws and policies that intentionally make it harder for folks to vote. The government should and must protect equality as a basic human right and to ask the following question every time a law is passed: does this law ensure equality is sustained? If the answer is “no” that law gets curbed.

When you hear black lives matter, what does that mean to you?

It means everything. Black Lives Matter. They matter so much that we should all battle to ensure a black person doesn’t need to have twice the skills, twice the intelligence, twice the connections and twice the access to even compete. When I hear Black Lives Matter I think about action because that’s exactly what we need. Period.

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A Rose Grew From The Concrete Survey


Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

– George Bernard Shaw

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