A Rose Grew From The Concrete (Survey Results 4)

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Take a few moments and read the responses to our survey. We will be sharing each persons response separately so that everyone is able to digest the information. What you will see is that we are more similar in thought than you may have realized! Thank you in advance for reading, sharing and being a part of the conversation.
Please describe your race/ethnicity.

African American

What is your age?
  • 25 to 34
Income Class
  • Middle Class
What does your ideal America look like?

This is a tough question. In reality I would love to live in an America where equality wasn’t a nice word to use. In a world where the word was unnecessary because it is something that is innately built into the very fabric of our lives. Ideal America is a place where people are decent regardless of race, sex, gender or any other differentiating identifier that we posses. I want to live in a world where you are only limited by your work ethic and how high you can dream. It is very tiring to live in a world where the thought of having an interaction with someone who does not look like you is scary. When a simple interaction can be deadly because people have an inherent bias towards a certain “type” of person. My ideal America is truly free and truly the land of opportunity for all, not just some!

What do you feel is holding us back from reaching your ideal America?

People are what holds us back. We have a hard time of swallowing our pride and admitting when we are wrong. The biggest issue in our country is that people from all walks of life are not willing to sit down and have an intelligent conversation about what makes us different and more importantly, what makes us the same. We have to be willing individually to drop all of our biases and open our minds and hearts to the option that my thought pattern may be wrong. What if my viewpoint is not inclusive? Who can I trust to tell me the truth in a safe space so that I can really hear the information. We have to create safe spaces so that people can start being honest about how they feel. If you feel a certain way about a certain race, you have to be able to voice that to them and then be willing to listen to that person or group of people about why your biases are wrong. And in the end you have to open your heart to really understanding that one bad experience does not make an entire segment of people bad. Open you mind and open your hearts and we as a country will tear down all of the barriers we possess and begin moving towards a better America!

Is equality a core value in your life?
  • Yes
If yes to the question above, what action steps do you take or have you taken to ensure equality in the U.S. and why?

I have struggled to take a lot of outward action steps in this regard. I work to teach my children that all people are equal and that you must give people a chance to show you who they are prior to assuming how you feel about them. Treat all people fairly never act as if you are better than. I want my children to begin to show the world through their actions that hate is a learned behavior and with the teachers of hate we can all love each other and get along in the same space. I am hoping they create a better world through their experiences. I hope to find additional ways to affect change that allow me to utilize my skills in the right environment.

What barriers exist in your life to increasing your involvement?

Time/money/desire – the desire issue is not that I do not want to help affect change, but more so I have not witnessed things that I feel are affecting change that I want to get involved in. I am hoping that changes very very soon!

What role do you think the government should play in race relations?

I think the government should be the leaders in this fight. I am not a believer that they should fix all things but I think they should be the model. When we look at our government we should see the model of inclusion and fairness and equality. We should see our government holding people accountable when there are actions taken that obviously deal with inherent biases. Thus far our governement has played a vital role in perpetuating the division amongst the people of the this country, whether it be lack of justice for a racial shooting or a clear lack of support for some of the most under privileged populations. Our government should be on the front lines SHOWING what equality looks like, not staying silent when there are injustices taking place from coast to coast.

When you hear black lives matter, what does that mean to you?

This is simple… To me it means black lives ALSO matter. People tend to think this is something that black people use to be angry with white people. In general the goal in my eyes of the #blacklivesmatter movement was to show that we understand all lives matter but that can not be true until our country is willing to acknowledge that black lives matter just as much as everyone else’s lives matter.


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The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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