Serve No Master – The book that made it simple!!!!

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What took so long?

So where do I start…

What would you do if I gave you a step by step plan to set yourself financially free?

What if I told you, I know how you can supplement your income without doing anything ground breaking?

What if I told you there’s a book with all of the information to open your eyes to the possibilities and it won’t break the bank?

I am not saying all of this as a joke. Keep reading to find out more!

I think there is a time in everyone’s life where you start to wonder how you can change what you are doing to have a better outcome. Better, does not necessarily mean easier, it just means better. In this particular context I wanted to find a way to diversify our family’s income streams. I felt we worked too hard to continue to grind through each month watching every penny.

As a family we are extremely hard workers and until recently we have never been able to honestly say we are making a wage that is anywhere near the value we believe we deserve. My wife and I both have Masters degrees. Both bring leadership experience to the table. We have worked with companies and helped build them from the ground up, and we both had accepted the thought that we had to run the rat race to find a way to get ahead. This all took place while falling further and further in debt trying to live the “American” dream.

Everything happens for a reason!

Then, after one random Amazon search and a few clicks, I came across a resource that has lead me to this post. The search terms used in this particular case was diverse income. The thought of diverse income was not a new concept but I always thought, I am not in a position to even start to diversify my income. I don’t have start up funds or a rich uncle or some large sum of money that I can invest, so how can I get this ball rolling. Enter the tagline for Serve No Master…

“Serve No Master: How to Escape the 9-5, Start up an Online Business, Fire Your Boss and Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur or Digital Nomad”


At that point I owed it to myself to at least take a look, RIGHT???

Now I had to learn more!

I am very glad I took the time to read through the first chapter preview (I was still a little too skeptical to flat out purchase it, so preview here I come. We still have to be wise with the little money we do have).

Did I mention that my wife and I are both busy professionals with 4 kids? Well the fact that we are extremely busy did not stop me from devouring this book. Each free opportunity I had, I found myself answering the same question from my wife, “What are you doing?” the answer each and every time was the same, READING! The book was full of great information that can help anyone looking to either supplement their income or escape the rat race and start living the life they truly desire. I am not ready to jump ship yet, I actually enjoy the process of working but I am ready to start implementing some of the tools and resources that Jonathan presented in this book. The actionable steps that he provides in the book and then supplements with his blog post at are tools that can be used by anyone willing to take action.

Best laid plans

As I started to get further into his book I realized he was providing the road map that I had been searching for. I am more than happy to blaze a new trail and create opportunities for my family, but walking into the unknown without a plan is somewhat ridiculous when there are others ready and willing to provide guidance.

So I took the leap! I am a firm believer in taking others along with you if you are headed to the top, so I felt obligated to share what I found. I am not pretending that this will be the answer for everyone, but I do believe this may be the next step for SOMEONE! What good is it to make it to the top and be by yourself. As a family we want everyone to do well so we are always willing to share what we learn.

I do not want to give away all of Jonathan’s secrets because I think his book deserves a look. But I really hope to document my family’s journey through this process on our blog, so please check back frequently! If you are willing and ready to take action go to Amazon or click the link below and take a look. And once you have set yourself free, come back and leave a comment! Actually don’t wait to leave a comment. Tell us what you think now, maybe we can help you start your journey! I can’t wait to hear your success story!


Thanks for reading! Now go take action!

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