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Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. We hope that you find the information we share to be entertaining, informative and hopefully thought provoking. We get asked the same question all the time… How do you guys do it? As proud parents of 4 beautiful kids we want to share the answer to that question along with many other answers and ideas along the way.

We have been talking about starting a blog for quite some time now, but unfortunately never took action. As busy parents we always found a way to say there just isn’t time for that. The kids had a game or a birthday party or some other excuse why we didn’t want to go through with it. Then I read a book (which will be mentioned in an entirely separate post) and realized that maybe a blog can solve some of our problems. This is not to say that is the only reason we started but it did provide the steps, so that we could seamlessly get this whole thing started.

Start with a goal in mind…

The goal of this blog is to share our journey with people, like minded or not, to help in any way we can. Hopefully as you read our posts you find some useful information to help you along the way. We have made a lot of mistakes and hope you can learn from those mistakes as well as our successes.

We plan to spend time talking about current events, sports, and all things Gray. Our kids and their activities are a large part of our lives so we will be sharing a lot of funny stories, tips and tricks to the AAU basketball world, and all around parenting conversation. We would love to make this completely interactive so feel free to comment, ask questions, offer advice and be a part of our journey. Cant wait to meet/talk to you!

Thanks again for taking the time!

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